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We hope the mission of “Laser As a Tool”  will always guide the GW team.

About Us​

We have a Dream: providing value-adding products for all customers. This belief brought enthusiasts with the same dream around the word to GW. We have been holding on this belief and entrepreneurial passion, and strive to become the most trusted laser enterprise for all customers. In this journey, we hope that the mission of “Laser As a Tool” will always guide the GW team.

GW (Shanghai) Laser technology LLC. is a high-tech company established by GW Laser Tech LLC. USA and Chinese laser professional team. Relying on long-term laser technology accumulation and advantages of market and industrial chain of made in China.Leading the industrialization of Bi-direction 976nm pump technology, high efficiency, high brightness laser technology. The GW team with innovative DNA will surely adhere to the concept of inclusive technology and create inclusive laser as tools and solutions for global users.

Looking forward to the future, we never forget to continue to create value for customers is our victory, continuous innovation, continuous improvement. For the same goal, let’s work together to make continuous progress on the road of growth talent and prosperity.

Our Misson

Laser as a Tool

Our Vision

The most trustable laser supplier
The provider of complete laser solution to global customers
Continuous innovation for the value-adding laser products

Our Value

We insist Customer Oriented Simple Teamwork Gratitude Innovation Adaptive

Our Story

GW Laser Tech established in Connecticut, US

Step, 2014

Shanghai Manufac turing and Service Center established

Nov, 2015

1kW single module fiber laser field deployment

Feb, 2016

2kW single module fiber laser demonstrated

1.5kW single module fiber laser field deployment

Jun, 2016

Shenzhen Sales and Service Center established

Oct, 2016

3S series 976nm pumped 2kW single module fiber laser

Feb, 2017

The First 3kw single module fiber laser

3C series compact 1.5kw single module fiber laser

Nov, 2017

Jiangsu Manufacturing Center established

Dec, 2017

3M series 8kw multi-module fiber laser

Mar, 2018

More cost-effective and robust 4S series single module fiber lasers Certified as a National High-tech Enterprise

Oct, 2018

More cost effective 4M series multi-module fiber lasers with up to 10kw output power

Dec, 2018

Global first 20kW@100um multimode fiber laser

Nov , 2019

GW R&D centre double expansion single cavity resonant output power up to 5000W

Feb , 2020

GW global first 50kW multimode fiber laser

Mar , 2021