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GW Laser was invited to participate in the annual welding exchange conference in Shandong Province

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A few days ago, GW Laser (GW)was invited to Jinan, Shandong Province to participate in the 2021 annual welding technology exchange conference. The main purpose of this conference is to better promote the overall technological progress of Shandong welding industry, promote green manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, and guide enterprises to actively take measures to achieve ‘carbon neutrality’ and “carbon peak”; Shandong Welding Association invited leaders, professors and experts from universities, research institutes and some backbone enterprises in Shandong Province to carry out technical exchanges on the current situation and development trend of the welding industry, new technologies, new processes and new product development and application. At this conference, GW Laser made a report on the theme of “laser processing helps energy conservation and emission reduction”. 

In recent years, laser processing technology has always been a hot spot in the application of the downstream metal processing industry, and linking processing technology with green energy saving is an important measure of the country’s “carbon neutrality”. Teng Houlei, channel sales director of our marketing center, mentioned in his speech that the GW 976nm pump technology solution has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, optical-electric conversion efficiency of more than 40%,while the optical-electric conversion efficiency of the same industry is only 25-30%,energy saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption. According to customer statistics, a 10,000-watt laser saves more than 100,000 yuan in annual electricity bills, which not only significantly improves processing efficiency, but also significantly reduces operating costs.

Since the beginning of this year, the international market energy prices have risen sharply, domestic electricity, coal supply and demand is also continuing to be tight, a variety of factors have led to the recent emergence of power curtailment in some places, for the high consumption of metal processing enterprises caused a certain impact. Before the introduction of the new round of national long-term power rationing policies, it is imperative to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of energy-saving technologies, implement advanced laser industrial equipment for energy conservation and efficiency improvement, and promote the green and low-carbon development of the industry!

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