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2021 JNMTE-Qingdao International machine tool exhibition GW LASER TECH

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With the arrival of summer, the long-awaited 24th Qingdao International Machine Tool Fair 2021 (JNMTE July 18-22) will be held as scheduled at Qingdao International Expo Center. GW Laser Tech will meet you in Hall S3 and have a refreshing summer with Tsingtao Beer!

Launch new product , technology ahead

World first launch, Exhibition focus, Portable air cooled handheld welder

Single mode producing platform,Max output power up to 1500W, Peak power up to 2500W

Modular design,new aluminum alloy anode sealed cabinet,light weight,small size, appearance“ small and beautiful” ,performance “stable and strong”

Special air cooled design, reduce energy consumption, ensure a stable long time laser beam output.

Ultra-high power industrial multimode CW fiber laser

Great team ,global service.

GW Laser Tech,USA Brand, Made in China, Global service! We are in the beautiful Qingdao waiting for your coming!

About GW

We have a Dream: providing value-adding products for all customers. This belief brought enthusiasts with the same dream around the word to GW. We have been holding on this belief and entrepreneurial passion, and strive to become the most trusted laser enterprise for all customers. In this journey, we hope that the mission of “Laser As a Tool” will always guide the GW team.

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