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On March 17–19, 2021, LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2021 was successfully held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. GW LASER TECH booth Hall W3-3415.

GW launched new P series fiber laser ,which is compact, small and portable to transport. Max. output power up to 8KW, based on 976nm pump technology,high efficiency and high brightness laser beam.

Another product is 5M-50000W multimode fiber laser source . It is based one 5M series multimode laser developed new generation product,Max output power 50000W,1.5U fiber laser module,AC-DC module design. Stable performance ,new water-cooling quick plug design,reduce complexity.

Another good news that GW 5M-200HC won the 2021 First China Laser golden award.

5M-200HC specially designed for material processes, it’s reliable and build-in ABR technology,with high efficiency,good BPP ,equipped SMAT IoT platform, more intelligent metal process and improve processing efficiency.
Output power up to 20000W ,based on 976nm pump technology,electricial-optical conversion efficiency up to 40% independent HBF technology,outstanding cutting and welding performance for thick sheet .

Our team

GW Laser Tech has a very excellent sales team and service team. Sold more than 5000 pieces fiber lasers around the world.

GW always adhere to a rule that customer is the first, as the most trustable company for every users.

GW laser Tech original from USA, made in China, global service. We are looking forward to your cooperation.

About GW

We have a Dream: providing value-adding products for all customers. This belief brought enthusiasts with the same dream around the word to GW. We have been holding on this belief and entrepreneurial passion, and strive to become the most trusted laser enterprise for all customers. In this journey, we hope that the mission of “Laser As a Tool” will always guide the GW team.

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